Types Of Hackers | All Types Of Hackers Latest 2017-18


Types Of Hackers-Hackers are most miss interpreted term in all media sources. They are often represented as dark, lonely thief with amazing computer skills. But on the other hand hackers are one of the building block of safe and secure internet. They work day and night to find vulnerabilities and fix them before any bad guy exploits them. So hackers can mainly range from the darkest evils on internet to the angles who work for the development of safe and secure internet. They are further divided into different types based on their skill level, efficiency and type of work.

Mainly people knew about three types of hackers.

  1. White hat hackers.
  2. Black hat hackers.
  3. Gray hat hackers.

Now we are going to show you some other divisions between hackers based on their knowledge, skill, and execution of knowledge.

White Hat Hackers

They are also known as ethical hackers. Their main job is to find and fix vulnerabilities in any program before any bad guy exploit them. They are constantly testing and developing new ways to stop malicious attacks by black hath hackers.

Types Of Hackers | All Types Of Hackers Latest 2017-18

Cyber Mercenaries

Cyber Mercenaries are third parties which are used often by nations to conduct cyber attacks. Their main aim is to steal data or perform the given task. You can also watch a movie named cyber mercenaries to get an idea about how they work.

Nationalist Hackers

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They are not recruited or funded by state or secret agencies. But state also doesn’t punish them for their illegal activities. which provide enough water to seed of nationalism to grow bigger in their heart.

Organized Criminal Groups

These are groups of top notch black hat hacker working for similar goals. They are well organized and often divide tasks based on their specialties. Their main aim is to exploit weaknesses to earn handsome amount of money.


They are huge groups of people who used simple hacking techniques like DOS DDOS and defacement attacks to deliver their point of view to public. They are either politically or ideology driven people and wants attention of people.

 State Actors for Nations

They are recruited and funded heavily by militaries and secret agencies for spying, data collection, and other secret operations. Their operations are complex and run for years on end. They use advance methods to achieve success.

Disorganized criminals

These are small groups with fewer means to monetize their exploits. However they can be as skillful as any other type of hacker mentioned in this list.

Script Kiddie

They have no means to monetize their gains and they have lesser knowledge then everyone else on this list. They often use defacement as the tool to gain attention. Their main aim is to become famous.

Insider Threat

These are rebellious employee or group of employees who can hack sensitive data of company just to satisfy their rage.

I hope all these types covered the various forms of Black and gray hat hackers who fall between lines. For me these are the all types of hackers from white to gray to extreme black hat hackers.

Thanks for reading. Have a nice day and don’t forget to comment your favorite type of hackers.